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China wholesaler Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel Industrial Conveyor Roller Chain (08B 10B 12B 16B 40 50 60 80)

Product Description

Item Standard Transmission Roller Chains Model Series A, Series B, Heavy Duty
Row Simplex/Duplex/Triplex Application Machinery Parts
Surface Teatment Self-color/Sand-blasted/Shot-peening Brand OEM
Package Poly bag, then box, finally poly-wooden case Port Any sea port or airport in China
A Series 03C,04C-1,06C-1,085-1,08A-1,10A-1,12A-1,16A-1,20A-1,24A-1,28A-1,32A-1,36A-1,40A-1,48A-1. 15,25-1,35-1,41-1,40-1,50-1,60-1,80-1,100-1,120-1,140-1,160-1,180-1,200-1,240-1.
04C-2,06C-2,085-2,08A-2,10A-2,12A-2,16A-2,20A-2,24A-2,28A-2,32A-2,36A-2,40A-2,48A-2. 15,25-2,35-2,41-2,40-2,50-2,60-2,80-2,100-2,120-2,140-2,160-2,180-2,200-2,240-2.
04C-3,06C-3,085-3,08A-3,10A-3,12A-3,16A-3,20A-3,24A-3,28A-3,32A-3,36A-3,40A-3,48A-3. 15,25-3,35-3,41-3,40-3,50-3,60-3,80-3,100-3,120-3,140-3,160-3,180-3,200-3,240-3.
B Series 05B-1,06B-1,08B-1,10B-1,12B-1,16B-1,20B-1,24B-1,28B-1,32B-1,40B-1,48B-1,56B-1,64B-1,72B-1.
Heavy Duty Type 35H-1,40H-1,50H-1,60H-1,80H-1,100H-1,120H-1,140H-1,160H-1,180H-1,200H-1,240H-1.

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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard/Nonstandard
Application: Textile Machinery, Garment Machinery, Conveyer Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Motorcycle, Food Machinery, Marine, Mining Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Structure: Roller Chain
Material: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Type: Short Pitch Chain
US$ 5/Several links of standard chain
1 Several links of standard chain(Min.Order)

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Can a conveyor chain be used in cleanroom environments?

Yes, conveyor chains can be used in cleanroom environments with proper selection and design considerations. Cleanroom environments require stringent control of airborne particles, such as dust, microbes, and contaminants, to maintain high levels of cleanliness. Here are some factors to consider when using a conveyor chain in a cleanroom:

1. Material Selection:

– Choose a conveyor chain made from materials that are compatible with cleanroom requirements. Stainless steel, plastic, or special coatings are commonly used for their clean and non-contaminating properties.

– Avoid materials that generate excessive particles or contaminants, such as certain types of lubricants or chain coatings.

2. Design Considerations:

– Design the conveyor chain system to minimize particle generation. This includes smooth surfaces, rounded edges, and avoiding areas that can trap or accumulate particles.

– Use sealed or enclosed chain designs to prevent the release of lubricants or contaminants.

– Consider the integration of additional features, such as covers or guards, to further protect the chain and prevent particle ingress.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance:

– Establish a cleaning and maintenance protocol specific to the cleanroom environment. This may include regular cleaning and sanitization procedures to maintain cleanliness standards.

– Use cleaning agents and procedures that are approved for cleanroom use and do not introduce contaminants.

– Regularly inspect the conveyor chain system for any signs of wear, damage, or contamination. Promptly address any issues to ensure the chain’s reliability and cleanliness.

4. Compliance with Cleanroom Standards:

– Ensure that the conveyor chain system meets the cleanliness and particle generation requirements of the specific cleanroom standards or classifications in which it will be used.

– Comply with relevant industry guidelines and regulations, such as ISO standards, when selecting and using conveyor chains in cleanroom environments.

By considering these factors and implementing proper material selection, design considerations, cleaning protocols, and compliance with cleanroom standards, a conveyor chain can be effectively used in cleanroom environments while maintaining the required cleanliness levels.


Can a conveyor chain be used in food processing applications?

Yes, a conveyor chain can be used in food processing applications. Conveyor chains play a crucial role in the efficient and hygienic handling of food products throughout the production process. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Food-Grade Materials: Conveyor chains used in food processing applications are typically made from food-grade materials such as stainless steel or plastic. These materials are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and comply with food safety regulations.

2. Hygiene Considerations: Food processing environments require high standards of hygiene. Conveyor chains designed for food applications incorporate features such as smooth surfaces, open link designs, and easy disassembly for thorough cleaning. They may also have specialized coatings or treatments to prevent bacterial growth.

3. Sanitary Design: Conveyor chains for food processing applications are designed with minimal crevices or joints to prevent food particles from getting trapped. They may have self-draining capabilities to remove excess fluids or debris.

4. Product Integrity: Conveyor chains in food processing applications ensure gentle handling of delicate food products to avoid damage or contamination. They can be equipped with accessories like cleats, side guards, or modular belt systems to securely hold and transport items of various shapes and sizes.

5. High Temperature and Washdown Capabilities: Some food processing applications require conveyor chains to withstand high temperatures during cooking, baking, or sterilization processes. Specialized chains with heat-resistant materials or coatings are available. Additionally, conveyor chains used in food processing should be capable of withstanding frequent washdowns and cleaning with water or cleaning agents.

6. Compliance with Standards: Conveyor chains used in food processing applications must comply with industry-specific standards such as FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) guidelines, and other food safety certifications.

When selecting a conveyor chain for food processing applications, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the production line, including the type of food being handled, the operating conditions, and the necessary sanitary standards. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning protocols should also be implemented to ensure food safety and product integrity.


What are the different types of conveyor chains?

There are several types of conveyor chains available, each designed to meet specific application requirements. Here are some common types of conveyor chains:

  • Roller chains: Roller chains are the most commonly used type of conveyor chain. They consist of a series of cylindrical rollers connected by side plates. Roller chains provide smooth and efficient movement and are suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications.
  • Double pitch chains: Double pitch chains have larger pitch (distance between the centers of adjacent pins) compared to standard roller chains. They are often used in applications that require slower speeds and lighter loads.
  • Hollow pin chains: Hollow pin chains have hollow pins that allow for easy attachment of various accessories or attachments. They are commonly used in conveying applications that require customization or where attachments need to be mounted.
  • Apron or slat chains: Apron or slat chains consist of plates or slats that are connected by hinges. They are used in heavy-duty applications where the chain needs to support and carry large loads or withstand harsh environments.
  • Plastic chains: Plastic chains are made of durable and lightweight materials such as acetal or polyethylene. They offer benefits such as corrosion resistance, low noise levels, and the ability to work in wet or washdown environments. Plastic chains are commonly used in food processing, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.

These are just a few examples of conveyor chain types, and there are many other variations available depending on specific application requirements. The selection of the appropriate conveyor chain type depends on factors such as load capacity, speed, environment, and desired functionality.

China wholesaler Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel Industrial Conveyor Roller Chain (08B 10B 12B 16B 40 50 60 80)  China wholesaler Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel Industrial Conveyor Roller Chain (08B 10B 12B 16B 40 50 60 80)
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China Professional 40 50 80 100 120 140 160 08b-1 10b 12b 16b 24b Standard Transmission Chain Roller Chain a/ B Series Chain near me manufacturer

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A: Yes. Aside from the standard common chains, we create non-regular and customized-layout items to meet the specific complex needs. In reality, a sizable portion of our generation potential is assigned to make non-normal merchandise.

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Roller Chain Principles

Before picking the appropriate roller chain for your machine, it is needed to learn some basics. Discover about sprockets, tensile toughness, pitch, and width. Study this post to find out a lot more. It will assist you make an knowledgeable selection. Obtaining the appropriate product is crucial, but it truly is not often as easy as picking a manufacturer title. You need to have to pick a company that supports its merchandise and provides great support.

Roller sprocket

If you are preparing to obtain roller sprockets for your application, you should initial seem at the different types offered. Sprockets accessible for solitary-strand roller chains are made by Boston Steel – Sort B sprockets are drilled to dimensions. They are obtainable in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 1″ pitch sizes.
The diameter of the sprocket is essential when picking the right sprocket for your software. Employing a caliper to measure the diameter of a toothless plate is a very good way to establish the specific dimensions of the sprocket. A caliper is the diameter of a plate without enamel. On Sort B and C sprockets, the hub diameter steps the thickness of the hub.
Another sort of sprocket is the metal split sprocket, which is break up in diameter. This kind is simple to set up and take away, and is held jointly by bolts in the hub. Typically, split sprockets have chain pitches ranging from forty to 240 and bores ranging from 3/4″ to 6″. The break up sprockets are developed with one particular pointing towards the ceiling and the other two parallel to the floor.
When shopping for sprockets, it is crucial to bear in mind that they are made especially for a particular chain. All chains are made to certain standards. In the United States, the most frequent common is ANSI. The chain pitch is the length amongst the heart of each pin and the center of the next pin. In the US, the standard is often calculated in eight-inch intervals.
In addition to sprocket dimension, sprocket pitch and the area spot also affect chain lifestyle. Not like belt sprockets, which are created of solid metal, the teeth on roller sprockets are stamped from steel sheet or pressed from powdered steel. The harder the enamel, the lengthier the chain will final.

Roller chain pitch

The pitch of a roller chain is the length amongst the sprocket and the pin. The smaller the thread pitch, the smaller the bushing wear. Usually speaking, the scaled-down the pitch, the lengthier the lifestyle of the chain. For very best performance and longest existence, makers advise a minimal chain pitch of 2% to 3%. Chain pitch is essential to ensure suitable efficiency, and the manufacturer suggests that you exchange the chain when it reaches 2% to 3% of standard.
To determine the proper chain pitch for a distinct chain, very first establish the sprocket dimension and pitch. Pitch is the distance amongst pin facilities, measured in 1/8 inch increments. The pin diameter of the chain is also critical. If you happen to be not sure about the pin diameter of your chain, measure a couple of hyperlinks to get a very good regular reading. Alternatively, use a caliper to evaluate the inside of diameter of the sprocket and count the number of tooth.
When sizing a sprocket, evaluate the chain between the gears with a caliper and evaluate it to the measurements on the chain measurement chart. Make certain you have checked all the specs and checked the correct chain pitch. Then, pick the correct chain pitch for your demands. This is a essential action in deciding on the appropriate chain. So get the correct pitch for your roller chain. Appropriate pitch aids ensure maximum efficiency and safety.
To determine a particular sort of roller chain, measure its tensile power. This signifies the amount of load the chain can endure prior to breaking. Another important parameter to contemplate is tiredness toughness. Chains with high tiredness power are a lot more resistant to rust and wear than chains with low exhaustion power. The numbers on the right in the common numbering depict normal or light obligation chains, whilst the numbers on the still left represent the pitch of heavy-obligation chains.
Double pitch roller chains are a variant of single pitch chains. They are produced according to ISO 606 and meet up with the exact same expectations as solitary pitch chains. They are primarily employed in applications with decrease requirements for pace and power transmission. The plates of double pitch roller chains are also for a longer time than single pitch chains. The double pitch push series is also employed for elevator and extended conveyor drives. There are a few primary varieties of roller chains: solitary-pitch chains, double-pitch carriers, and outsized rollers.

Roller chain width

When buying a roller chain, a single of the first choices you must make is its width. To make this willpower, you require to measure the all round width of the chain, the diameter, and the width of every single roller. You must also know the height and thickness of the board. After having these measurements, you can start off buying for the best roller chain. But prior to you purchase a new chain, it really is critical to know what to anticipate from the chain itself.
There are a lot of various kinds of roller chains. These chains are available for ANSI and metric measurements. They arrive in single-stranded and double-stranded variants. They are typically utilized for electricity transmission. Other types contain agricultural, automotive, conveyor, multi-strand, and four-strand chains. These charts also incorporate a chart so you can simply see the actual dimension you require. Shown under are some of the positive aspects of purchasing a roller chain.
Roller diameter and pin diameter are critical elements in selecting the correct chain width. The width of the chain is the closest binary fraction of 5/8 of an inch. It need to be at the very least half the thickness of the sprocket, and the plate thickness is 1-eighth the width of the chain. Obese chains are indicated with the suffix H. The pitch and width of the chain are determined by the doing work load and machine speed.
The outer back links of the roller chain are named pin hyperlinks. These pins are inserted into the bushings of the adjacent roller backlinks. They are held in spot by cotter pins. Pin back links are typically pressed into the pins of large-duty chains. These pins are used to keep the rollers in place. However, these pin chains can decrease the energy rating of roller chains by up to twenty%.
The ANSI 29.1 Steel Chain Specification specifies a least pitch in inches and ultimate energy of twelve,500 x pitch in inches. At the identical time, the O-ring chain drastically lowers wear due to its lubricating result. O-ring and X-ring chains include a lubricant injected by vacuum when riveting the chain together. Transmission chains are analyzed and governed by standards bodies these kinds of as ANSI. In 2011, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers created a common for precision electricity transmission chains.

Roller chain tensile strength

One of the most critical indicators of roller chain strength is tensile strength. This measurement refers to the amount of load the chain can stand up to prior to breaking. Another measure, called tiredness power, refers to the highest load a chain can withstand just before it breaks. The strength of a roller chain relies upon on its size, the quality of the metal utilized in its construction, and the warmth treatment method. There are also distinctions in the sorts of shot peening utilised to deal with metal, pitch holes, and website link plates.
When selecting a roller chain, the workload is crucial. This is the optimum load the chain can withstand before tiredness failure happens. This measurement is essential simply because it aids figure out the type of load used to the chain. When choosing which roller chain to purchase, be certain to contemplate the mechanical variety and sought after power. Then, make positive it meets energy and load-carrying capability demands.
The final tensile energy of a roller chain is based mostly on the manufacturer’s recommended greatest tensile toughness. Nonetheless, the true tensile toughness could be higher or decrease than this price. The operating load restrict of a roller chain can also be calculated by multiplying the chain diameter by the quality. The working load limit of a chain is the greatest stress it can face up to just before breaking. This price is normally expressed in factors.
The optimum tensile energy of roller chains varies by chain kind. The one-strand weighty chain has thick aspect plates for larger shock loads. One strand large-obligation roller chains, also acknowledged as “bushing” roller chains, are also obtainable. Double-stranded heavy chains are structurally similar, but they have two layers of metal linked by pins that are almost twice as strong as common roller chains.
The tensile power of a one-strand roller chain is about five hundred tons. In comparison, a one-chain blockchain has a tensile toughness of 900. The tensile toughness of the two is equivalent, and it is not advised to pick 1 or the other. Even though steel and titanium chains are regarded as the strongest resources for roller chains, these components are not magnetic.

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